Garena Free Fire 1.27.0 Final Apk + mod + OBB Data (Updated)

Free Fire Mod APK Free Download (Updated Today)

If you want to download Free Fire Mod APK 1.27.0 For free then this article is right for you. After downloading this mod for free fire you can easily Remove the grass, see another player, Fog Removed (Other players can be easily observed), Improved Aim System, Auto Fire  (You have to aim enemy first) and ESP (You can see Players Name & Distance) and in bonus Fix lag.

Free Fire Battlegrounds Mod APK Full Review

Fire Battleground mod apk is a third-person shooter game. Its gameplay is similar to steam’s PUB-G. So we will place on an island with 30 other players in solo mode and 15 other teams in group mode. we can make a team with 1 friend and kill other teams to win this game, we must kill all people in this island, or at least we survive until the end of the game until we become #1 or last man standing. We can log in using Facebook or as a guest. I have chosen Facebook because its easy and will make easier to play with our friends. Make sure this is the free fire battleground mod apk review for mobile not to free fire pc.

Here are events, patch, daily rewards. if we log in every day, we will get a different prize. There is the official website, Facebook. in the home screen, we will see a simple interface like this. we can select group play or solo play. there is a store, vault, loadout, in store, we can buy an item using coins or diamonds. There is 2 boxes. maybe they will add later. we will get an item that lasts for around 2 days from bronze loot crate. the item is cloth, pants, shoes or parachute for our appearance. vault is to customize our character. we can change our parachute, etc if we got them from boxes. loadout is to set pre-load items before entering the map.

we will get 1 item from these choices.. leg pockets are to get extra 30 bag capacity to carry more items. supply crate contains 1 of medical kit to restore hp or ammo. armor crate contains helmet, vest, etc.. as I said, loadout is to set preload item before the game, just check what u want to get.. there is leader board to see your friend’s rank in solo or duo match.. there are me and my friend’s rank, kills, win rate as like in 8 ball pool long line hack.

This is our character. we can see how many games we played, the wins, kills, etc.. this is our character. we can see how many games we played, the wins, kills, etc.. you can select between solo or duo stats. to win this game, we must become the last man standing we can add friends from the button on the top right corner. we can add friends from Facebook, we can add friends from the button on the top right corner. we can add friends from Facebook or simply by adding their nickname. ask your friend to accept, and you can play together.

So you can set sensitivity, graphics, etc here… I make the graphics low because I m recording the screen now.. the minimap is to set your radar up, For north up, the radar is not moving even your character facing other direction.. rotating is based on where do your character heading. if you face the east side, the east will be on top… okay, let’s start now, i m choosing group because I want to play with my friend. Sometimes if the loading bar is on 1/4 position, it will be showing an error and you must restart the game.

This is the lobby before starting, you must wait till the waiting time is up.. sorry for no sound now. because I’m recording on the public place so I can’t turn on the sound.. this is the starting screen, we’re on a plane now. you can open the map and choose where you wanna go.

I suggest you select an exact place to get off so you can land at your desired place… we will get off around warehouse or wreckage.. to get off from the plane, simply press the eject button.. you can control your character here. slide up to fasten your fall or slide down to brake and slowing your fall.. a tip from me, if you play with your friend, you better to split up but in the same area.

But don’t enter the same building, because you will struggle to loot the items. But you have full equipment, its okay to go together the first thing you need to find is a weapon. I recommend high damage weapon like all type of assault rifle. like ak47, m4a1, m14, and scar is pretty good will be useful if the game almost ends. to apply them, simply use the weapon, and pick up the extension. it will automatically be equipped.

In this game, there is a car too. you can bump other player and they will die. so are your friend. so be careful.. if you see the radar, there is a white circle. it is the safe zone. if there is warning in your screen, it means the safe zone is shrinking to the white circle. so if the warning appears, go to the white circle asap. if you don’t, your hp will decrease. so far there is no enemy in sight. there is vest lv 3. for equipment, there is a helmet, vest and bag.. helmet and vest will gain more armor for you, the bag is to increase your bag capacity to bring more items. if you wear a lv 3 bag, you can bring as many ammo as you can lol. right now, my friend and I are split up. we checking the different house. I personally like to loot items from Chinook (this area).

Because there are many houses, the loot is nice and fewer people want to go here.. as we can see, the alive players are still 16. so there is still 16 players here.. as I was said before, this game is new, so there are many bugs, I hope there is a more great feature in the future… I think its easier to playgroup than solo. because we can back up each other. if we play solo, its hard to survive. I rarely play solo. there is a blue circle, and it goes smaller to the white circle. so don’t get chased by a blue circle or your hp will vastly decrease.

There are many enemies in the center area like khatulistiwa, bimasakti, or hangar. I prefer to find on the side area to get great equipment and ready to fight… I think the control is not that hard. you just need to adjust with it. for the med kit, you can use it by clicking the + sign on the right center of the screen. it will heal your hp. and it needs channeling time for 4 sec.

So don’t move while using it. because the safe zone is small now, we must watch where is the safest place to stay. there are 11 people alive. means there is 9 enemy is left. tip from me, select the place on the side from the safe zone. don’t go to the center of it. I like a mountain because its high. especially if you using cwm. there is nice loot too. sometimes I found lv 3 bags and vest here… sorry guys our car is stuck lol there is a car approaching.. on the late game like this, foregrip will be so useful to stabilize your firing.

If you’re playing group, if you killed an enemy, the enemy does not die right after. he will die instead. so you must shoot them again.. you can see how many your kills on the top right of the screen. if there is an enemy on the car, shoot the car till exploding and they will die. to drop your items, simply drag them out of the inventory screen.. the zone is smaller now, and the enemy is only 2 left. there was a car and now it’s gone. it’s definitely an enemy. if you are on #1, the reward is many. you can buy the box to customize your character.

So that’s the review and short gameplay from free fire battlegrounds mod apk game. overall, this game is great. because it feels like we are in real battle and the enemy is many. we must get our equipment quickly. for the multiplayer is good. we can play with a friend. so we can get a better experience. I hope developers will add more feature like clan war or more multiplayer. that’s from me, I hope it will be useful for you to get a game reference.

Garena Free Fire MOD APK Features:

  • Auto Aim
  • High AimAssist
  • AimBot
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Shoot From Distance (Maximum Range 200 Meters)
  • Damage Hack (Damage Slightly Increased Than Normal-Applicable to Both Player & Enemy)
  • Lag Fixed (No More Lagging)
  • Bypass Anti-Cheat
  • Cheat Detection Removed
  • Sound Fixed
  • No Root

What’s New:

Fixes and Improvements
1. Fixed a death race issue where sometimes the amphibious motorcycle would fall underground.
2. Fixed an issue where users would sometimes disconnect in squads.
3. Fixed an issue where the UI for creating an account and queue system would overlap.
4. Fixed an issue where some players could not play in squads.
5. Friends list fixes, including unable to invite and fetch the stats of your friends.
Game Garena Free Fire Battleground
Updated December 16,2018
Apk Size 64mb
MOD Data Size 324mb
Download 786,663


How To Download & Install?

  • UNINSTALL THE GAME from your phone.
  • Download Garena Free Fire apk from the link below download section (don’t open after installation).

   Download Free Fire Mod Apk

  • Download Garena Free Fire OBB file, extract it and copy-paste the obtained folder in Android/OBB
  • The full/absolute path of the obb file should look like as the following (Case-sensitive):

   Download Free Fire Mod Apk OBB Data

  • Run the game. Done
  • For more details please watch below the video.
  • Download ES File Explorer Pro Apk for extract files.

Final Words

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading the free fire battlegrounds mod apk review. So Here we have the Free Fire battleground hack mod apk version 1.25.3 Full ready to install. We have added full weapons in this cheat of free fire battleground for android. So click below on download button and enjoy downloading.

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