Hardik Pandya Diet Routine

Hardik Panday follows a strict diet plan with a workout routine 

He eats 4 times a day to provide his body nutritionally 

Breakfast (1st Meal)

Banana avocado Orange pineapple skimmed milk, cornflakes, and choco pop. Nuts Shredded chicken Dried fruit Boiled eggs Brown bread

Lunch (2nd Meal) 

Steamed rice Chicken kabab Fruit salad Low-fat yogurt Coconut juice Tomato soup Roti Cooked rice Lentils Vegetable salad

Snack (3rd Meal) 

Tandoori chicken sandwich Mutton wraps Fruitcakes, biscuits Coffee

Dinner (4th Meal) 

Soup Chicken Makhani Yellow Dal Different paneer dishes Roti Fruit platter Vegetable salad, fruit salad Low-fat curd 


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