How Many Types Of Out In Cricket

As for 2022 cricket rules, there are a total of ten ways to go out in cricket

The opponent team needs to get ten dismissals to end the inning of the batting side. 

Here are ten ways to dismiss a batsman 

1. Caught Ball after hitting the bat must collect before hitting the ground called Caught out

2. Bowled Out Legitimate delivery hits the batsman's wickets and knocks bell to the ground called Bowled Out

3. LBW LBW means Leg Before Wicket, Legal ball hit any area of a batman's body and is determined to be impacting the stumps called LBW out 

4. Run OUT Batman gets out if the fielding team hit the wicket and the batman is outside of the crease

5. Stumped When a batsman leaves his crease to play a delivery then the wicketkeeper can stump out the batsman 

6. Hit Wicket

7. Obstructing The Field

8. Hit The Ball Twice

9. Timed Out

10. Retired Out