Wizard of Oz Free Coins Slots 2023 [CLAIM NOW]

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Wizard of Oz Free Coins 2023

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Wizard of Oz Free Coins Links Today

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Date: 13 September

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Date: 12 September

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Date: 11 September

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Date: 09 September

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Date: 08 September

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Date: 07 September

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Date: 06 September

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Free Coins X Status Bonus

Free Coins X Status Bonus

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Date: 05 September

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Free Coins X Status Bonus


Unveiling the Secrets to Amass Wizard of Oz Free Credits

Navigating the enchanting world of Wizard of Oz? Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to keep your credit coffers brimming.

1. Welcome Aboard: The Welcome Bonus

The magic begins right on day one. Rake in a whopping 15 Million free coins instantly and ensure you revisit daily for incrementally bigger rewards. And that’s not all. Engage in simple tasks, like spinning ten times or landing a big win, to earn a delightful 7.5 Million credits.

2. Beat the Clock: Hourly Bonuses

Every hour brings with it a pot of gold. Avail of streak bonuses or revel in the exclusive VIP bonus. With persistence, you can collect a staggering 6,200,000 coins every hour.

3. The Social Butterfly: Invite Friends

Intertwine your game with Facebook, unlocking 40 Million free coins. Deepen the bond by exchanging gifts and inviting friends to the enchanting realm.

4. Exclusive Entrances: Loyalty Lounge

An elite club for the dedicated players. The Loyalty Lounge offers a multi-tiered VIP program. By consolidating all your accounts, accelerate your climb through the VIP echelons.

5. Deciphering the Loyalty Lounge Tiers

To better appreciate our most dedicated players, we’ve unveiled the Yellow and Blue diamond tiers. The complete list is as follows: Sapphire, Emerald, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Diamond, Black Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and Blue Diamond.

6. Collecting Loyalty Lounge Points

Every spin, purchase, or level-up in Zynga Slots games is another step closer to your next VIP status, courtesy of Loyalty Lounge Points.

7. Navigating the Benefits

Glance over your VIP status effortlessly from the main lobby, or delve deeper by clicking on the “LL” icon, which reveals detailed insights into your Loyalty Lounge journey.

8. Try Your Luck: Lucky Cards

Limited-time collectibles, these cards offer a chance to amass massive rewards. Enhance your collection through spins, making hefty bets, and identifying card rarities.

9. Everyone Needs a Buddy: Bonus Buddy

Meet your pocket-sized pal, offering exceptional benefits, accessible anytime through the iconic monkey head symbol.

10. Embrace the Seasons: Seasonal Challenges

Each season brings its own set of challenges, replete with massive credit rewards and ‘Deluxe Points’ which contribute to the coveted prize meter.

11. The Competitive Streak: Rainbow Rush

Join the weekly contest against fellow players. With thirteen divisions to climb, the Rainbow Rush promises exciting rewards for those who top their division’s leaderboard.

12. A Unique Vault: Horsey Bank

Picture a bank that fills up with every spin or purchase. Access your credits stored in the Horsey Bank by tapping the iconic horsey symbol, situated conveniently on every machine.

In Conclusion

With this treasure trove of information, maneuvering the vibrant world of Wizard of Oz becomes an exhilarating experience, ensuring your credit reserves are perennially replenished. Venture forth and let the magic unfold!

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